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Inside a working mum’s handbag – what's essential and what's not?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

When my daughter was born, the world as I knew it changed. Within a matter of weeks, I had turned from a confident professional working woman into a nervous wreck, covered in various stains, as well as a constant look of fatigue.

And the contents of my handbag changed too. Gone was the MacBook and the diary – enter nappies, creams for this, creams for that, spare bottles, emergency milk, teething gel, muslins, blanket, cuddly toy…

But now I’m a working mum, things are a little different. My two worlds have met in the middle and this is clearly visible from the contents of my handbag – which I frequently notice as my daughter rifles through and unpacks the contents, one item at a time, and if I’m lucky, puts them back, one item at a time. Children love repetition!

So, what’s the happy medium for a working mum? What do you need to carry around with you and what can you do without?

Here are the essentials:

• Mobile phone, keys, wallet – check

• Emergency nappy stowed away neatly in one of the inside pockets, along with half of a pack of wet wipes, to save space

• A small bottle of sanitising hand gel for dirty food surfaces and grubby fingers

• Bottle of water for mum. Sippee cup for toddler

• One small toy

• One small bib

• A laptop for days in the office

• Possibly a lipstick on days when I feel like pampering myself!

And the things you can do without on a daily basis, except when specifically needed:

• Calpol

• Cotton wool

• Nappy rash cream

• Teething gel

• Diary (Finally - I have started to use my online calendar)

So, there you have it. I have finally reached a compromise in deciding what I need to take out with me, and can now leave the house with a normal-sized handbag again, without having to cram in the kitchen sink.

Being a working mum is certainly challenging, but definitely worth it. In fact, with a little forward planning, a great support network of friends, family and childminders – and some common sense in the handbag department – it all works rather well.

Inside a working Mum's handbag

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