Running your own business is challenging enough, without having to worry about finding the time, motivation or confidence to maintain a regular online presence. Meanwhile, rustling up the next blogpost, updating your website copy, or booking in that invaluable magazine advertorial, remain firmly on the to-do list.

If you've got a great idea, but unsure how to put it down on paper, Lexical Llama can help. We can work to a brief, or if you need inspiration, brainstorm ideas with you over a (virtual!) coffee. 

We can help draft, edit or proofread webpages, blogposts, magazine articles and adverts, sales brochures and flyers, marketing emails and newsletters, press releases and much more.


We also help clients save valuable admin time by uploading web and blog content via Wordpress, and distributing newsletter mail-outs via Mailchimp.

If you're in need of compelling content that resonates with your readers, get in touch today!

"Hazel and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with and they’re not afraid to chase for info to get the job done on time - which means I can simply get on with running my studio. Whether it’s a blogpost, web content or newsletter, Lexical Llama really takes pride in the copy they create for us."

"Hazel is excellent at what she does and a pleasure to deal with. I give her very simple briefs which she runs with and never fails to meet. Her content adds value to my website that would exceed anything I wrote myself, even if I had the time!"


 lexical  /ˈleksɪkəl/ adjective

relating to the words of a language

llama /ˈlɑːmə/ noun

a domesticated, woolly-haired South American camelid 


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