"We highly recommend Hazel, and have done to clients already! Good to know she's working with them and having a positive impact, too! An absolutely great copywriter who just "gets it". Thank you for being a superstar!"

Social Fireworks

"Hazel is excellent at what she does and a pleasure to deal with. I give her very simple briefs which she runs with and never fails to meet.


Her content adds value to my website that would exceed anything I wrote myself, even if I had the time!" 

Organised You

"Hazel is a fantastic asset to organisations, all content she produces is well thought-out and hits the mark. An extremely reliable contact we can call upon to assist with numerous copywriting tasks, covering everything from simple edits to complicated technical drafts."

GingerMay PR

"When I completed my PHD, I was overwhelmed by the task that lay ahead of me; editing and proofing an 80k-word thesis. I had become too ‘close’ to the copy, and as a non-native, I needed someone who not only understood the message I was trying to convey but who could present it in perfect English. 


With her passion for languages, Hazel took the time to resolve any ambiguity and make the text more engaging, giving me the confidence to submit a polished final piece."

Casey, Postgraduate, Canterbury Christ Church University

 lexical  /ˈleksɪkəl/ adjective

relating to the words of a language

llama /ˈlɑːmə/ noun

a domesticated, woolly-haired South American camelid 


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