Who we work for...

The tech startup

With vast experience across the ad tech, mar tech, data ops, media and disruptive tech space, we specialise in helping SaaS and other tech companies articulate their marketing message. 

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The creative agency

We’ve been there; we’ve experienced the craziness of fluctuating client demands. Sometimes, you simply need an extra pair of hands, quickly. We provide ad hoc or regular content support for PR, marketing, web and design agencies.

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The cultural organisation

From universities and libraries, to heritage and cultural organisations, we help draft, edit and proofread a wide range of web and print copy.

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What they say...

“Translating complex data ops concepts into engaging language that really resonates with our target audience is no mean feat. But it’s one that Hazel accomplishes with ease. 

Never afraid to push back in order to keep our marketing message on point, Hazel is just what we need in a content strategist.

“An amazing piece of work. I’m thrilled. Everything you’ve done has been consummately professional, and that counts for a lot at this end.”

“Thank you for being so reliable in terms of the quality of your work, delivery, timely communication, and integrity. It’s really exemplary and I’m so grateful to be working with you.”

“Hazel and the whole team at Lexical Llama are a pleasure to work with. Their work ethic is second to none and their knowledge and attention to detail is exemplary. 

Every piece of work has been delivered on time and with minimal edits required. I cannot recommend Hazel and her team enough!”

“Every marketer needs a Hazel – someone who can quickly understand the brief, develop the content without fuss and deliver a final product on time that exceeds expectations. Having worked with Hazel at a number of tech companies (Tealium, Seismic and Scoro), I would recommend Lexical Llama to anyone in the tech space.”

“Hazel is a fantastic asset to agencies such as ours; all content she produces is well thought-out and hits the mark. An extremely reliable contact we can call upon to assist with numerous copywriting tasks in such a niche sector as ad tech, covering everything from simple edits to complicated technical drafts.”

“I’m flabbergasted! This is exceedingly good copy, chock full of technical info, nicely laid out in digestible chunks. It’s rare to come across a writer who straddles the technical and literary aspects so fluently.”  

“Thank you so much for all your input and thorough feedback. You’ve been an absolute pleasure on – let’s face it – not the simplest of projects, and eased my stress with it all by a big margin. You make these projects a whole lot easier and have, very quickly, become an important part of our marketing team. Highly recommend to anyone looking to create engaging copy and content (while enjoying who they work with).”

“When I completed my PHD, I was overwhelmed by the task that lay ahead of me; editing and proofing an 80k-word thesis. Too ‘close’ to the copy, and as a non-native, I needed someone who not only understood what I was trying to articulate, but could present it in perfect English. With her passion for languages, Hazel took the time to resolve ambiguities and create a compelling message, enabling me to submit a polished final piece.”