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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


Provision of Services

We will provide an initial half-hour consultation free of charge to discuss content requirements, either by email or telephone/videoconference, or in person. 

Due to the nature of our services, we will endeavour to check and proofread all work carried out as a matter of course. However, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure any content published is factually correct and free of typographical errors. We do not accept liability or responsibility for the publication of any documents or materials we have assisted in drafting, editing or proofreading on behalf of the client. Please ensure that any image or content supplied, for use on a website, social media or any other marketing materials, is legally available for use. Lexical Llama does not accept liability for the illegal use of material supplied by the client.

We will provide initial quotations covering the hours, days or projects specified and agreed therein. Any additional work will incur additional charges unless previously agreed otherwise. 

We will agree timeframes for completion of a task at the outset. We will notify you of any unexpected or unavoidable changes to the timeframe, and/or charges agreed, as soon as possible. Please provide at least three working days’ notice if you wish us to complete additional or unexpected tasks. We will endeavour to complete additional tasks in a timely manner, although pre-booked client hours will take precedence.


Quotations and Invoicing

Depending on the nature of the work required, we can quote for work on an hourly, daily or project basis. We invoice for work completed each month, in arrears, on the last day of each month. PLEASE NOTE, PAYMENT TERMS ARE 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF INVOICE.

Lexical Llama reserves the right to charge interest at a rate of 5% per month on any outstanding balance after this period. In the event of a contract being cancelled or terminated, the client agrees to pay for all work completed up to that point. There is no requirement to provide notice of termination of work from either party. All charges are reviewed on an annual basis and clients will be given reasonable notice in writing prior to any changes being implemented.

For any accounts queries, please contact:


Privacy policy 

Lexical Llama adheres to the highest level of client confidentiality at all times. We are happy to sign an NDA to this effect. We do not pass or sell client information onto third parties unless the client requests us to do so. All work and customer details will be kept on file – usually as a Gdoc – for a period of 24 months. After this time, all data will be deleted unless specifically instructed otherwise.

We will communicate with you by such methods as you may reasonably request. Please ensure you virus-check electronic media and emails as we cannot guarantee that all electronic data is completely free of viruses. We will communicate with you (or your colleagues) by email, but we cannot take responsibility for the security of correspondence and documents sent by via this method. By accepting our the terms of our Client Agreement, you consent to us communicating with you on confidential matters by email, unless you have asked us not to do so.

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