Lexical Llama was founded by language and linguistics fanatic Hazel Broadley. Along with a small team of general and specialist tech copywriters, Hazel helps clients from her local high street to global tech vendors, and everyone in between.

An introduction to foreign languages at school - and in particular the rigorous rules of German grammar - made her consider English from a whole new perspective, and from there she went on to study German with Linguistics at Reading University and the University of Göttingen. Hazel's ten-year career in PR and Marketing culminated in her role as Account Director for a global technology PR firm. Since then, she has written and edited copy on a diverse range of topics including digital marketing technology (ad tech, mar tech, emerging tech, social media tech); small business advice; lifestyle blogging; health and nutrition; and property. 

In Hazel's spare time (if that exists with two children), you’ll find her reading up on the latest tech crazes or learning new languages, having also dabbled in Turkish, Dutch, Italian and French.

Get in touch today for a chat or a (virtual!) cuppa.

 lexical  /ˈleksɪkəl/ adjective

relating to the words of a language

llama /ˈlɑːmə/ noun

a domesticated, woolly-haired South American camelid 


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