Hazel Broadley


Lexical Llama was founded by language and linguistics fanatic Hazel Broadley. 


An introduction to foreign languages at school - including the rigorous rules of German grammar - made her consider English from a whole new perspective, and from there she went on to study German with Linguistics at Reading University and the University of Göttingen.


Hazel's ten-year career in PR and Marketing culminated in her role as Account Director for a global technology PR firm. Since then, she has written and edited copy on a diverse range of topics from digital marketing technology to small business advice.

Clare Holson

Content Writer and Administrator

Specialist areas: HR, Recruitment

Alex Baggott

Researcher and Tech Writer

Specialist areas: IT, Academic Writing 

 lexical  /ˈleksɪkəl/ adjective

relating to the words of a language

llama /ˈlɑːmə/ noun

a domesticated, woolly-haired South American camelid 


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